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What exactly is an Ausbildung?

In Germany, vocational training, also known as an Ausbildung, is a training program that combines practical on-the-job training with theoretical classroom instruction. This helps apprentices to develop the necessary skills and knowledge to be successful in their chosen profession.

After successfully completing an apprenticeship, you will receive a recognised vocational qualification or certificate, which can significantly improve your job prospects and career opportunities. Many companies also offer their apprentices a permanent position once they have completed their training.

Overall, apprenticeships in Germany offer a valuable opportunity to gain practical work experience, acquire industry-specific skills and gain a formal qualification while earning a salary. This dual approach to learning has proven to be very successful in preparing people for working life and meeting the needs of businesses.

6 reasons why you should do an Ausbildung?

Dual system: theory and practice

Ausbildung in Germany combines theory and practice right from the start. You will be trained in the company, while up to two days a week are reserved for school, where you will learn the theoretical basics. This dual system offers you an ideal start to your career.

Young people are in demand

German companies in all sectors are currently finding it extremely difficult to find enough trainees, so your chances of finding a training place are very good. In September 2022 alone, 70,000 vacancies in vocational training could not be filled.

Monthly fixed income

In a German vocational training programme you will be paid a training allowance from day one. Companies pay you a salary for the work you do as part of your training. This means you don’t have to worry about your financial situation in Germany.

Long-term employment chances

Your Ausbildung will help you enormously for a career on the German labour market – this solid basic training is your ticket to a successful future, so to speak. This is because many trainees continue to work in the same company after completing their training.

Promising career prospects

With a vocational qualification, you are in high demand in Germany. In some cases, people who have completed Ausbildung are even more in demand than university graduates. This gives you many opportunities to get your career in Germany off to a flying start.

Easy career entry

An Ausbildung not only makes it easier for you to immigrate to Germany, it also makes it easier for you to start your career. You don’t have to prove knowledge that you should already know, as you learn everything from scratch with German standards.

Do I qualify for an Ausbildung?


The visa regulations depend on your nationality and are divided into two areas in Germany:

1. Citizens of the EU, Liechtenstein, Iceland, Norway or Switzerland
Congratulations – you can start your vocational training straight away! No visa is required to enter the country and start vocational training. If you want to live in Germany, all you need to do is register with a residents‘ registration office. You can find more information here.

2. Citizens from other countries
You can also start vocational training in Germany, but you will need a visa to do so. This visa can be applied for at the German diplomatic mission in your country, provided you fulfil these criteria:

a. You have found a training place in a German company and can present your training contract.
b. The German Federal Employment Agency (BA) has approved the vocational training.
c. You must be able to cover your living costs for the entire duration of your stay.*

Further information on visa regulations and the documents required to apply for a visa can be obtained from the German diplomatic mission in your country of residence. If you have any further questions, please contact us.


*As a rule, this means that you must be able to prove that you have at least €903.00 per month. Your training allowance also counts as proof. If your training allowance is not sufficient, you can make up the difference by providing proof of a blocked account or a declaration of commitment.

School leaving certificate

Which school-leaving certificate you need to start vocational training in Germany depends on the profession and training programme you are interested in:

Dual vocational training: you do not need a school-leaving certificate to start an vocational training in a company in Germany. However, each company decides at its own discretion which qualifications its applicants need. You can use BERUFENET to assess your chances of finding a training place in your desired occupation.

School-based vocational training: To start training at a vocational school or a vocational college, you need a school-leaving qualification equivalent to a Gymnasium or Realschule.

Recognition of school-leaving qualifications:
To find out whether you meet the necessary requirements, you should have your school-leaving qualifications recognised in Germany. The recognition procedure will determine which German qualification corresponds to your school-leaving certificate. This also makes it easier for German companies to assess your qualifications. Simply register on our platform and apply for your recognition procedure there.

Language Skills

If you want to apply for vocational training, your German language skills are very important.
In most cases, your interview will already be in German, but German will also be your main language at work or at school. You should start learning at an early stage so that you can successfully master your vocational training and the associated examinations.

You can find more information on our learn German page.

Where to find the right vocational training?

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