Master the German Language with us

Knowledge of the German language is an important requirement for anyone who wants to obtain a work visa and start a career in Germany.

It is important to learn German as part of your preparation in order to cope better in various areas of work and daily life.

Get a head start by acquiring the language skills you need to succeed in Germany online or at one of our partner language schools.



In order to obtain a work visa or work permit at the German embassy in your respective home country, it is necessary to show a language certificate diploma approved by the embassy. This can be from the Goethe Institute, TELC, or other institutes.


Once you are in Germany, the language will become part of your daily routine. Therefore, developing your German language skills is key to your integration in your new home country in various areas, e.g. social, personal and professional.

Work place

In order to work better in your job, you need to have a basic knowledge of the German language, so that you can familiarise yourself with your work environment. Over time, you will become familiar with the vocabulary of the area in which you will be working.

Find out what level of German you have!

Thanks to our partner Inlingua you now have access to a free placement test. Please fill in the following information when filling in the information form:

Country: Germany
City: Osnabück
Company: 4EIGN Talents

The rest you can fill in with your personal information.

Opportunities to learn the German language with us

Digital with Babbel

Learn German digitally – whenever and wherever you want. Together with our partner Babbel, you can easily learn German online.

We have developed a learning plan with which you can reach A2 level within 4 months. This level is an essential entry requirement for many professions, especially in the technical field.

Presence at our partner language schools

Our international institute is dedicated to providing top-notch opportunities for professionals looking to master the German language.

We’ve partnered with leading language academies across the globe to bring you exclusive packages that combine our renowned program with their exceptional teachers and facilities.


Our language partner schools

At the moment we can offer you partner language schools in 7 countries and in addition our digital version.
Your country is not yet represented? Don’t worry, we are constantly expanding our network of partners and countries and will do our best to find the perfect partner for you as soon as possible.


European Learning Center // ELC
+355 67 200 1420

Te‘ Orel Center
+355 69 655 3939

Irisoft Education
+355 69 5252 625


Glossa Centar
+387 51 961 361


Ledeu Academia
+593 98 790 8310


+49 541 20 195 120

North Macedonia

Next Level Education
+389 70 208 206

The Philippines

My Language Café
+63 636 03 66

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