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There is a shortage of skilled labour and trainees in Germany, so companies are increasingly turning to international applicants – your chance!

Together with 4EIGN Talents, the German Institute for skilled migration helps you to find your German dream job digitally and efficiently – say goodbye to lengthy immigration processes and hello to your new life in Germany!

Job Platform

In cooperation with 4EIGN Talents, we have created THE digital and efficient job platform for German labour market immigrants. German companies are eager to connect with you on our platform, making it easy for you to find the perfect job. Whether they reach out to you or you reach out to them, your next job is just a click away!

Our Next Step Germany Programs

Skilled Worker

Skilled migration is right for you if you are already trained, have gained work experience and would like to work in this field in Germany.


Coming to Germany straight after leaving school and without work experience? This is possible with our training programme.

Learn the German Language

Learn German at one of our 10 partner language schools. Whether in Albania, Bosnia, Mexico or the Philippines, we offer language schools in a wide variety of countries. Still nothing suitable for you? No problem either! With Babbel, you can learn when and where you want – digitally on your mobile phone.

Our global Network

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*Really – Our job platform in cooperation with 4EIGN Talents is completely free for you.
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